One chapter worthy of special mention are the typical  appetisers served before the main meal, which in the form of salmueras and salazones -just like pork sausages and other meat products- are none other than ancient preparations intended to preserve food by salting or drying, saving today.

There are many products still preserved today as they were centuries ago, as shown by archaeological remains found in settlements along the shores of Valencia - where Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans once lived and traded, particularly near Benidorm and La Vila Joiosa. Today, one can buy very tasty dried salted tunny, blue-mouth rock fish, bonito and little tunny, in the form of dried salted tunny trunk (tonyna de tronc) or belly (sorra), mojama (dried fish), huevas (roe), bull (belly meat), budellet (tripe), and espineta (gills). These are often added to salads, or boiled (bullit), lightly fried or stewed (borreta, pebrereta, pericanas) - all worth trying.
Similar preserving is carried out on local meats as well. Pork sausages include black botifarres (blood sausage), llonganissa (pork sausage), long, thin Easter sausage called llonganissa de Pascua, white sausages called blanquets, red-hot chorizos, and the typical sobrasada (red sausage spread) from the Marina district. All these can be eaten either as is, or fried, or as ingredients in rice dishes and stews. Many of them are unique to a particular area, of Moorish influence, using herbs from the local mountains, plus cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruits and nuts, and aniseeds.
Entrantes (salazones, salmueras y otros)

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